Focus On: The next plateau


I sat there, looking at my “Super Nachos” last night and felt powerless to finish them.

They were passed to me, Chris Langrill from the Idaho Statesman and Will Love from the Idaho Press Tribune.

I’ll give you what they had to say, followed by my own thoughts.

nacho2.jpgChris Langrill

At $8, it’s not a bad value, because you probably don’t want to try to eat these super nachos by yourself. In fact, you probably will want help from more than one friend.
Plenty of “layers,” so you can pick and choose your ingredients as you scoop. You can go after olives, onions, beans, ground beef, jalapenos, sour cream, salsa and melted cheee.
The salsa has a little kick, and the jalapenos allow you to adjust the temperature to your liking.
The chips held up well, compared to some that turn into limp, soggy relics after seeing a few nacho toppings.
Word to the wise: Bring your friends and eat them quickly. They tend to turn into a gooey mess after a while. But, then again, I don’t think the inventor of nachos worried too much about their appearance after a half hour.  
Finally, there’s the cheese. What can I say? Sometimes you just crave liquid cheese that came from a can and nothing else will do. Other times, not so much.
I like to melt Velveeta with a can of Rotel, so I’m not against the whole concept, but I’ve learned that, alas, my stomach is not usually on board.

Will Love

This is the first time I have had the Super Nachos at Memorial Stadium. Up in the pressbox, I always see fans packing this enourmous dish back up to their seats and wanted to give them a try.

A challenge worthy for the television show ‘Man vs. Food,’ I think the Memorial Stadium staff were intending to feed the Hawks baseball team — not a mere mortal as myself. I had to give up about halfway though after giving it my best attempt. (Note: The “best” for a sports reporter shouldn’t be taken lightly, we are typically a husky lot of people and like our food.)

I think Mike Sharp put it best when he said, “I worry about the person who can eat the whole thing.” With that said, the Super Nacho presented a perfect option for a couple or family attending a game.

It is reasonably priced and probably portioned right for two adults or three or four children.

The impressive thing about the nachos is it gives you options when you take a bite. Maybe on one chip, you will find refried beans, olives and some salsa. On another, you may get some taco meet, onions and cheese. The thing is packed!

I think everyone should try the Super Nachos at least once in their lifetime. My suggestion, though, is get plenty of exercise before you do try, because it is a mouthful!

And ME

I have to agree with the guys. It’s probably the best bargain I’ve seen from the stadium, and if you have children, and/or a small community, this would be perfect for you.

nacho.jpgThe nature of nachos allows for small portions among a heap of food.

I’m not going to lie, I fell far shy of finishing, but OH did I enjoy the attempt.

I’m not a big Velveeta fan, but the beans and meat made up for it, and I enjoyed having the olives on there as well. I made the comment to Will Love that it’s a beer drinker’s dream. After two Banquet Beers, I’m going to be digging into that stack like it’s nothing.

And it would be, when I finished.

But as a sober man, you see how I did.


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