Focus On: This one means an awful lot

The story lines were as obvious as the base lines for this one.

A manager with his team for the first time after a family tragedy, the likes of which nobody would wish to experience.

A team coming off two games of nonsense pitching, attempting to get its first home win of the season.

A first opportunity to see everything work on the field for the Hawks, and the lights stop working in the outfield.

I’ve decided for this blog to take the time to walk around and talk to the fans and assorted personnel as the games go on. I feel like my lack of a bright orange shirt makes me more approachable than those that were doing the chicken dance at last night’s game.

I sat in every section, once with a couple that has owned season tickets for years, an NBADL head coach supporting a local team, and a couple on the third base line enjoying a casual Sunday.

I’m sure each person I sat with will remember me as the annoying guy with a letter-pad that claimed to work for the Hawks.

Casey Kopitzke told me after the game that the win meant “an awful lot”.

Coming to Boise after losing his daughter couldn’t have been easy, but with the fans I talked to, it explains why he calls the team “a big family”.

Marty and Rosie Martinson sat on the first base line in their usual seats, rooting only slightly harder for the Hawks, than they heckled the visiting Yakima Bears.

Marty said the couple would have to be “sick or dead” to miss a game.

It didn’t matter the team is 2-7, after the 3-2 win on Sunday.

Kopitzke said he’s not thinking about the record either. The big game’s out of the way.

While looking at the future could seem uphill, looking at each series seperately changes his outlook.

While I see a 2-7 team, it seems Kopitzke and the fans have the same fresh outlook.

The team’s 1-0, coming off a game with no earned runs, and playing like a different Hawks team.

I’ll withhold my judgment for a two-game winning streak.

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Kudos to the job Greg Rohan did in the game…great diving play in the 1st to help keep Yakima out of a big inning, then made a fantastic base running play in the 6th to move up on a questionable wild pitch…eventually scoring on a sac fly. Great job Greg!!!

BTW – That NBADL coach, Bryan Gates, when are you headed to Sacramento?

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