Focus On: Man I love Philly

That title will ONLY be used once.

Don’t expect me to ever say something even similar.

But last night the Hawks put the HAM crew on the hot seat and had us taste the famous Philly at the stadium. You can see how excited Safford was to take part, and I know Onalee
food.jpgwas appreciative.

I thought it tasted so good I actually glowed, as evidenced by the photo.

Mike Safford

Not bad, above average gourmet ballpark fare…I thought that the meat was solid, better than the meat they had in Yakima, but Yakima had better veggies and a much better roll.

Would I pay $7.50 for it? No…especially not on Family Feast Night.

Where would it rank in the league? Definitely below the Teriyaki Bowl in Spokane (which I am looking forward to on the next road swing), the Bread Bowl in Everett, the Boomer Dog in Yakima, and the Chicken and Chips in Vancouver.

I like the Super Nachos and the Chicken Wrap (without tomatoes) better in Boise.

But – it is very good.


I hadn’t exactly realized I would be a part of last night’s food critique and had already had quite a bit to eat before they brought the philly up, however I didn’t want to be the only HAM member not finish the sandwich. 

I powered through it and enjoyed pretty much every second of it.  I’m a huge fan of philies, and this one is one of my favorites. 

But I would cut back on the onions a little bit; they seemed to overpower the sandwich both in taste and consistency.  I’m not quite sure what kind of cheese is used on the philly but I think it is delicious and it seems to meld all of the contents and flavors together. 

I don’t know if we toast our buns, but the bread on the philly was just the right consistency–soft in the middle but kind of toasty on the edges…perfect for a heavy-loaded sandwich.  The sandwich is definitely a big one so make sure you are going in on an empty stomach.

Aaaand Me

food2.jpgAfter I had failed so miserably at finishing what I was given on the first day, I knew I had to go into this one with a full head of steam.

And I did.

I was fully prepared and ready for the sandwich, and it went down like a champ.

ONE problem with the cheesesteak, and that’s a problem I have with EVERY one I’ve ever had. I don’t like green or red peppers. But, I dealt with it.

Why? Because I’m a self-sacrificing man.

The meat was well done, and I could have used more of it. Maybe Onalee was right about having fewer onions, but an onion-obsessed HAM member would have argued the opposite point.

The cheese definitely made it worth while, and while the roll wasn’t the best, it was high class stuff for a ballpark sandwich.

I give it TWO HAMS out of four.

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