Focus On: The right time to roll

I had to make sure to grab Casey after the game last night and talk to him about the fact that the Hawks are playing better than they have all season.


Of course that’s an arguable point, and Casey is not the type that will just accept pure conjecture or opinion like that.

casey.gifBut I doubt he’d be able to deny the noticeable difference in demeanor of ANY manager after a team has won four of five, or five of six, and a manager that is coming off a rough road trip.

It’s a “development” league, as I’ve said so many times this season. But with the way the team has put it together since the losses of their top pitcher and hitting prospect, it seems as though the team has a real interest in winning.

“We’re not out of it yet,” was all Casey said about that.

“Out of it” implied the division race, and the fact that the Hawks are 7.5 games out of first place doesn’t seem to fazed a manager that hasn’t seemed fazed by much at all this season.

The team is fired up, and playing some of its best baseball against some of the toughest opponents in the Northwest League.

Even after I tossed a perfect strike (arguable), the Hawks were able to upstage such an event by winning in exciting fashion, pushing runs across when they needed them, and sending the staffers home to nurse the wounds that come during a long season.

Just ask Rohan, who is starting to look like Craig Biggio.

If I’ve learned anything from Kopitzke, it’s that he’s going to take this season series by series. And, after taking four of five from Everett, the team is poised to attempt to take the second of two against Spokane.

If they need me, I’ll be warming up my arm.

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Casey who? (I know who, but others might not?)

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