Focus On: One of those games

Wow….that was unfortunate.

I mean, really.

What’s the worst possible way to bounce back from your first win?

Lose 11-1 and show every sign of being right back where you were before you got there.

The team’s struggles showed when the Hawks went hitless into the sixth inning. But luckily, Alvaro “Kaiser” Sosa pounded a homer that saved the Hawks from the embarrassment of a no-hitter or a shut-out.

And with a lack of really positive notes to share, I hope this won’t end up jinxing things, but Hak-Ju Lee did continue his hitting streak to seven games.

I try not to talk about hitting streaks, out of respect, but reaching seven to open the year shows a consistency the Hawks definitely need right now.

Robert Hernandez went four innings on the mound, allowing three earned runs, after ONE pitch that ended up going over the wall. Homers definitely hurt a team, but other than that one pitch, Hernandez has been stellar for the Hawks thus far.

Josh Lansford rebounded from his last bullpen performance by going two scoreless innings in relief, followed by Andres Quezada allowing five earned runs, and two more errors not helping the cause.

I don’t want to get too “newspaper-y” on you, so I’ll just share my opinion, as a guy that’s seen the Hawks and the athletes on the team.

It’s easy to see the 1-6 record and get upset about it. It almost takes work to be five games under .500 at this point. But, tonight they go out and have a chance at finishing the road trip 2-3. If they can do that, it shows a rebounding capability and strength that I didn’t see in them at home.

If they lose tonight, then they start another series against Yakima tomorrow.

It’s baseball. It’s all about series. I heard it said once that no matter how good you are, you will lose 30 percent of your games. No matter how bad you are, you’ll win 30 percent. The question is the other third.

Sounds like the Hawks are due a win.


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