Focus On: Winding down

The Boise Hawks are rolling along right now.rohan.jpg

No better time than after a four-game winning streak to have them available for a meet-and-greet with the fans in Boise. They hit Applebee’s after their 3-2 win over the powerful Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, and fans and personnel mingled.

I had to seize the opportunity to talk to the guys and get some positive feedback. You never know how much longer the success will last.

But I got to sit the majority of the time with first baseman Greg Rohan.

Rohan has seen his struggles at the plate, and more power success than any other player.

kent.jpgSitting with him was his girlfriend from back home at Kent State. I’ll just call her “Abby”.

Abby told me about how nervous Rohan was during the MLB draft. He had heard from many different teams that they had interest, but each made their picks, and he continued to wait.

Eventually his name was read in the 21st round when the Cubs picked him up. It was a sigh of relief for him, and a moment of realization for the young couple.

This blog isn’t supposed to be about relationships, and I don’t plan for it to start now.

I’m just saying that sitting at a table with a couple that sees each other for the first time in a month makes me remember, as I have a few times this season, that I’m not just writing about baseball players.

I’m writing about people.

Many are far from home and the ones they love. They’re trying to build their careers, and in their chosen field, it may be a short window that they have that chance.

Maybe the .196 batting average is fodder for sports conversation, but there’s much more behind a number on a jersey than more numbers.

I’m sure I’ll be back to writing about the numbers in the game tomorrow. But for one day it was nice to get a player away from the dugout, and near someone he felt comfortable with. 

He’ll be back on the field today. The temperatures will be flirting with triple digits, and his jersey will separate him from the fans in the stands.

His mind will be back on baseball, and trying to get a hit to continue the Hawks’ winning ways.

But, it’s always interesting to find out what lies in a players head, when the bats, jerseys, gloves and mits are put away.  


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