Focus On: One big hit

It’s amazing to me how much one big hit can change so much.

I’ve been on this road trip, and there wasn’t a whole lot to write about when it came to what I was seeing from the team.

I hadn’t seen much teambuilding. There were pieces here and there.

But after Justin Bour pounded a line drive down the third base line on Saturday to give the Hawks a huge 10-9 road win at Eugene, what I saw on the bus was spectacular.

First, the players sat in the back like usual, and I could hear the conversations going on. They were definitely more relaxed and had an air of excitement after the game that had just finished moments before.

But then things all changed when Mike Safford decided to play his call of the winning hit. The team exploded as they heard those moments, and the ensuing action was almost as good as what had happened on the field.

Hak-Ju Lee and Jae-Hoon Ha took turns with the bus microphone and sang some songs a capella.

I’m not sure I could have expected “Superstar” to be sang so perfectly by two guys that struggle so mightily with the English language.

But at one point pitching coach David Rosario and I caught eyes with the same look of “Wow”. I don’t think anyone could expect the voices on those two guys.

Then the players piled off the bus to a dance by Lee and Ha, and a full round of applause from all nearby.

I hope to upload some audio and video.

In fact, I’m planning on hitting the studios with the “big hits” from the Hawks team.

I’m no scientist, but the kind of connection I saw among the players last night HAS to help them as they continue with two more games in the hottest field on the west coast.

We’ll see. But if they win another one in the same fashion, I’m requesting something from “Tommy”. 

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