Focus On: The first game on the road

Well, at least the bullpen didn’t get the loss this time.

Had the Hawks put forth the same offensive effort they had over the homestand before they went to Salem, it may have been the best game yet.

The fact is, I see a lot more positive from the 6-1 loss to Salem-Keizer on Tuesday than any game I’ve seen so far this year.

One bullpen arm allowed four runs, and then Ryan Sontag and Mike Perconte pitched 2 1/3 innings of scoreless baseball to finish the game.

That’s a big deal for them to get back on the right track.

And the biggest note to show the progress of the 0-4 Hawks was the final digit of the line score.

The Hawks had ZERO errors.

After 12 errors in three games to start the season, it seems that problem has at least been solved for one day, and I have high hopes they’re going to keep that sound defensive play going.

My point is, when a relief pitcher allows four runs in his time on the mound, it’s going to make it hard for a team to walk away with a “W”. But as long as the Hawks continue to improve in the facets of the game I’ve mentioned, it will be even harder to keep losing.

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