Focus On: The first nickel

It’s hard to look at the record of the Boise Hawks and be positive.

I mean, at face value, after the Hawks lost 5-3 at Salem-Keizer on Wednesday, they’re sitting at an 0-5 record and still searching for their first win of the 2009 season.

And if you’ve read my blogs, I definitely pointed out the weak points in the early games.

However, I really think you must watch the progress of a team to truly see where they are.

Their pitching has allowed, in succession, 14, 12, 7, 6 and 5 runs.

The bullpen is still an obvious weakness, as Dionis Nunez allowed two runs in his 3 2/3 innings pitched, hardly something to make the guy out to be the antagonist of this story.

The best news was having draft pick Robert Whitenack come into the game and walk away without giving up a run, followed by Yohan Gonzalez pitching an inning of no-run baseball. You may remember his last time on the mound hardly left a positive taste in the mouth of those watching. He allowed four runs against Tri-City in just 1 1/3 innings.

As you see the losses start piling up, it’s important not to immediately count the Hawks out. It wasn’t too many years ago they started the season 0-9 and made a run at the end of the season, finishing a game out of the championship series.

If there’s one thing the Hawks of years past have proven, it’s a resilience and an ability to bounce back.

Different players, different year.

Same organization.

If nothing I said settles in as positive for you, I’ll give you something else. Cubs first-round pick Brett Jackson has signed with the organization, and is expected to be sent to Boise. The downside?

Outfielders rarely help the bullpen.

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