Focus On: Patience

You may notice Casey Kopitzke isn’t necessarily the quickest to yelling.

His patience is evident in every aspect of the game, from his job as third-base coach and manager, to when he has three annoying sportswriters in his face.

Nothing seems to bother him.

casey.gifNow, I haven’t had the chance to talk to him after this last road trip, but if he survived through that 35-minute half inning the team endured on Friday, he deserves some sort of award for patience.

Seriously…can someone get the President on the phone?

Koptizke has more than once advocated for “playing it safe” in the way he manages. I hardly think any decision he’s made at third base resulted in a 12-0 loss, or like any other loss they’ve seen since they hit the road.

The Hawks sit at 3-11 on the year, and are seemingly spiraling at times. When they look good, they look great.

But when they look bad, it seems the strike zone disappears.

Part of the reason I was hired for this job is out of a trust that I would call out those responsible for the team doing poorly.

It’s not Kopitzke.

His attitude is exactly what the Cubs look for. He’s interested in the player development. He’s seeing these players grow as part of an unjust and unscientic method. He’s assured me that he sees the team more than me, and with his unique ability to remember the players when they were first playing in Mesa, and compare them to what he sees now, they ARE better.

For now, I’m going to hold back from openly blaming the parent club.cubs.jpg

They are the ones that sent the players we see on the field today. And maybe Brett Jackson will affect the lineup, but it will hardly stop a porous bullpen.

But its the Cubs we’re talking about, and for now, they have their own issues to deal with.

And, really, who wants to kick a parent club when its down?

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