Focus On: The Fourth of July

Say what you will about the Boise Hawks.

They sure make their opponents look good.

Well, at least their bullpen does.antigua.jpg

Jeff Antigua went five innings of one-hit ball and looked completely dominating on the mound, moving his ERA to a solid 1.38. That was before Josh Whitlock came into the game and gave up eight earned runs in 1 1/3 innings.

whitlock.jpgSeems to be the story of the Hawks season.

They play six solid innings of great baseball, but those other three happen to be pretty catastrophic.

I got the chance to talk to the legendary Brett Jackson on Saturday after the 8-0 loss to Eugene to move the Hawks to 3-12.

It must be odd to walk into a situation where the team wants you to immediately be hitting out of the three spot and making a difference. But he seems confident he’ll help the offensive struggles of the Hawks.

He seems to have the skills to do that. He’s got an obvious ability out in the field, and after watching his speed on the basepaths and patrolling center field, I’m certain he’ll be a positive effect on the struggling Hawks.


Until then, I’m just hoping the fireworks shows are stunning enough to wipe the slate clean after a bad loss.

At the very least, the Hawks’ orange staff shirts are loud enough to drown out my groans.

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