Focus On: What to build on

I didn’t have to see the Hawks play this weekend to notice them break a few chains.

Recently they had lost seven consecutive games on the road.

In case you don’t follow sports often, that’s not a good streak to have.

But more importantly to the team winning more down the road, they rebounded from an embarassing loss on Saturday to win the game, something they have not been able to do recently.

It seems it took three humiliating performances in a row to get their heads in the game before.

This team is coming around, I truly believe that. Their record is still falling, but is falling at a slower pace.

At the very least, that’s a positive step.

And positive steps are the types of things that makes you stop sliding down a sand dune, and start making progress at getting up.

Enough Bruneau metaphors for me.

If the Hawks have one general positive point coming, it’s a long stretch at home, with one roadtrip mixed in. That gives them a real shot at gaining ground.

Or…possibly the exact opposite.

That’s the beauty of baseball. It’s not over until that final pitch. Let’s just hope the Hawks get together in time to make that last pitch in September, and not mathematically in August.

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