Focus On: From their PoV

I’m not going to lie.

I enjoyed the view the Yakima Bears staff gave me last night.

I mean, literally. They sat in the diamond club seats at Memorial Stadium and I fully enjoyed getting to see the game from their view.

But even better was getting to hear all about the similarities and the differences.

One of their employees expressed how fun it was to watch two teams battle it out.

In the Hawks 9-8 win, there were five lead changes. The teams seemed to want the other one to win it.

I give the edge to the Hawks, who had just got back from a grueling road trip to Canada.

But…I might be a homer.

But overall, the people I sat with from Yakima (their GM and front office staff) gave me a unique perspective.

Apparently other teams are having struggles this season. Who knew?

The Hawks pulled into second place at 9-16. The Bears sit at 8-17. They’re evenly matched, it seems.

But let me shed some light on some other stats.

The Hawks are 6-6 at home. They’re 6-5 overall since Brett Jackson “5” joined the squad, and there seems to be a fire and a will to win that wasn’t there before.

If they’re truly better at home, we’re about to find out, on this eight-game homestand.

Think the roadtrip to Canada was grueling? How about the trip from Yakima? Try eight days of 24-hour effort for the Hawks staff.

Front office and dugout……good luck. Here we go!

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