Focus On: Another Side

Tom Trebelhorn is no stranger to the game of baseball.

He knows how to win.

volcanoes.jpgThat fact is not just evident in the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes. It’s obvious in his major league managing career.

He wore the manager jersey for the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs, and as a third base and bench coach for the Baltimore Orioles.

It’s no surprise he has a different attitude toward the way he runs his team.

“I don’t think you can develop a true major league player until you can get them to win as a team,” he said of the oft-different management style from that of the Cubs organization.

“This sport is individual enough already. Without a desire to win and pull for your teammates, you’re done. This is already the most individualistic team sport there is. Nobody helps on the field, running, hitting, To get the total complete player it takes a desire to support teammates. That comes from winning.”

If one man I’ve talked to can sum up the Hawks, it’s this guy.

He’s pounded them, and now sits 2-2 in the series at Memorial Stadium.

“They’re a much better team, pure and simple. They got some big guys at first base, centerfield and catcher now. Big guys help, and they’re a better team.”

It made me want to know how three players, as he put it, can come in and immediately make a team that was so bad, its own blogger was critical.

“There’s a formula for chemistry, and that formula is W-I-N. That’s the same as us.”

Say what you will Trebelhorn, I think it’s all about the shaving cream to the faces of the player of the game.

Plus…the Hawks have never looked cleaner-shaved.

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