Focus On: The Road

I sat at Wednesday’s loss to the Volcanoes, watching them blow away would could have been a series win.gray.jpg

But I had a different perspective.

I’ve never watched the final game of a homestand and known that I’ll be watching the first game on the road.

Earlier this season, whe the team had just been put together, I asked Hawks GM Todd Rahr how long the team had gray jerseys.

Obviously the radio gig keeps me home.

But last night I had the unique opportunity of riding on the bus with the staff, Play-By-Play guy Mike Safford and see what it’s all about.

I had the struggle of the inability to sleep on the bus, but a movie called “Push” that seemed determined to help my eyes clsoe

I didn’t get the chance to talk to the guys, but for the first time I got a sliver of understanding of what these guys go through.

Sure, it’s only a sliver. But I don’t plan on it being the last one.

When we reached Eugene, the guys piled off the bus and Jae-Hoon Ha teased Brett Jackson about the look on his facecostello.jpg.

linus.jpgThen, as I was pathetically standing with my pillow like an eight year old kid waiting for Christmas, it hit me that among a crew of athletes I stand out. I’m like Lou Costello trying out for the St. Louis Wolves.

We’ll see if as this series goes on, if I’m able to reconcile the difference in every athletic category, and find out how these guys survive this for a full season.

Who knows, the Wolves had Who on 1st, What on 2nd, I Don’t Know on 3rd, etc. But I’m fairly certain they needed a right fielder. 

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