Focus On: Day One

It’s kind of funny to me that my “Day One” blog comes halfway through the season.

eug.jpgBut then again, if I had foot-raced the players to Eugene, I’d definitely be getting there a month later than everyone.

Last night was my first night doing color for the broadcast with Mike Safford, and if you heard me, you probably heard constant remarks on how different it is to cover a team on the road.

As you can see in the picture to the right, the first thing we saw at the stadium was a giant Em’s symbol.

I had to stop and take a picture, because I don’t know that I’ve ever had the pleasure of covering a team in a volatile environment.

eug2.jpgThroughout the game there were “Boise Sucks” chants, and worse slurs that made Safford and I laugh in the press box.

Laughter covering for fear, I’m sure.

But in the end, the Hawks walked away victorious, with a 6-2 win.

The mood was light in the clubhouse afterward, as I was greeted with watermelon when I stepped in, and more conversation on Mark Buerhle than the game that had just happened.

(PS: Yes, the rumors are true, Safford and I saw the perfect game live at a local joint called “Sizzler”. You may have heard of it.)

eug3.jpgThe players all changed clothes and piled onto the bus and Korean interpreter Choi passed out cookies to all that walked past him on the bus.

I didn’t get one. It looks like it takes more than a bus ride to earn my stripes here.

The stadium here is gorgeous, and the Eugene staff has been quite kind to me. But then again, today is the day where I branch out.

Stay tuned for stories from their clubhouse, scoreboard, and even from the mouth of their fans.

I might accidentally forget my Boise hat that day.

The smallest things have come as big differences to me. Gray jersies on the Hawks players, fans booing a simple Rosario/Pitcher meeting on the mound.

eug4.jpgEverything that happens every game in Boise, but goes unnoticed because I’m so desensitized.

Being without those senses is a terrible thing for a writer. And I don’t plan on waiting this long again before I stop and smell the roses.

Even if they aren’t all that sweet.


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