Focus On: Home

Last night was a little surreal for me.

I wish in one blog entry I could explain what being on the road meant to my understanding of the Hawks organization.

But during last night’s romping at the hands of Vancouver, I was able to look at the game a lot differently than I had in the past.

During the road trip I saw some great baseball.

The best baseball I’ve seen from the Hawks all season.

I had the chance to talk to the players and sit in the dugout with them as they tried to figure out each step of their young pro baseball careers.

And suddenly, a 10-run deficit meant less to me.

I talked about how much Gary Van Tol talked to me about development, and I’ve had my share of quotes from Casey Kopitzke about how each series is a different setting, and a different situation.

Van Tol even went as far as to say mistakes breed progress.

More than that, success breeds success.

So…is it possible that a 3-2 series win could go farther for the progression of a team than a simple sweep?

If a team experiences no affliction, can it really progress?

Wow, I might be waxing too philosophical here.

All I know is, the temperature was NOT 105 degrees last night, and it was two pitchers that allowed the runs that lost the game. Let’s hope they learned from their mistakes.

It’s good to be home, but I’m the only one that gets that relief.

To the Hawks, it’s another series. It may in front of the Boise fans, but it’s not in their backyard, and after one week on the road, I don’t blame anyone for needing a big loss to remind them of how good they are. 

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