Focus On: Ch-Ch-Changes

So now I’m going to have to apologize.

I made the statement on the air the other day in Eugene that I thought the Hawks had a chance at coming back from the hole they sat in, and would be capable of finishing the year in first place.

Apparently, even something as vague as “a chance” is enough to jinx me to a point of humility.

Technically, mathematically, they do have a shot.

But after Brett Jackson and Jeff Antigua got called up to Peoria, and DJ Lamahieu skipped Boise altogether, it looks unlikely.

Casey Kopitzke seemed almost offended at me asking him if there is another guy on the team with Jackson’s capability to bring the squad together.

casey.gifIt was Jackson that solidified the unit when he showed up on July 4. It was Jackson that attacked his teammates with shaving cream. And after spending some time in the clubhouse, I could tell the players responded to him.

Kopitzke called Jackson “a piece”. As in, a piece of the puzzle. There are a lot of other pieces in the puzzle that have worked hard to get the Hawks back into a position of good baseball.

“We haven’t played good baseball here,” Kopitzke said of the last three games. “But I don’t think that’s indicative of us losing Brett Jackson.”

He’s right, it was an unfair question. The guy had “tools” and definitely assisted a team that needed leadership, but Hak-Ju Lee, Jae-Hoon Ha, Logan Watkins, Justin Bour and others are just as capable of batting in a few runs.

What I would like to see is Greg Rohan step up into a more vocal role as a leader. The guy has the humility to make a difference, and the skills at the bat. He showed that at Kent State.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The thing about puzzles is, it takes every piece to make a good picture, and whatever new pieces show up from Mesa, it may take awhile to force them into the vacancies left by the Cubs 1st round pick.

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